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When you work and receive a salary you also pay tax. Tax money is a contribution to "the common good", such as schools, hospitals, parks and roads. As a tax payer you also earn points towards the pension scheme, which eventually turns into a little more money when you retire. Paying taxes is also a duty - if you work and don't pay tax, you may have trouble both with the tax authorities and the police.


Tax card


When you start a job, you need a tax card. The application form for this may be downloaded from the website of Skatteetaten (the Inland Revenue Service), or you can pick it up or order it from the local tax office (Oslo ligningskontor).


The first time you apply for a tax card, you must write down how much you think you will earn within that year. The tax card should be given to your employer as soon as you receive it. If you do not present a tax card, the emplyer is required by law to deduct 50% of your earnings. The employer makes sure that taxes are deducted, but check just to make sure when your first payslip arrives. If you quit and start a new job, you bring your tax card.


Tax exemption


If you work part time or have a summer job you can have a "frikort", which means that you are exempted from paying taxes up to 39 997 kroner (in 2008). If you expect to earn more, ask for a tax card instead.


Change of tax card


If it turns out that you will earn more - or less - than you thought, you apply for a change in your taxes. The form for this can be found online, or you order or pick it up from Oslo ligningskontor.



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