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Permanent residency



Permanent residency in Norway means that you can work and live in Norway indefinitely. To apply for a permanent residency permit, you must have lived in Norway prior to your application.


To begin your application process for a permanent residence permit, you must first pick up an application form, complete it and hand it in to the police station in your area. In larger cities, there tends to be a separate office that you must submit your form to.


Make sure you complete your application form at least one month before your temporary residence permit expires. If you do so, you are able to stay in Norway on the same conditions as your residence permit until a decision has been reached regarding your permanent residency.


The application process


You must include the following documents within your application for permanent residency:


- An up-to-date passport photograph.

- Photocopies of all stamped pages in your passport or any other travel documents

- A list of any travels you have been on in the last three years

- The original receipt of your initial travel fee

- Documentation that proves you have sufficient command of the Norwegian language (i.e. exam results from a language school) or that you are exempt from learning the language.

- Documentation regarding your previous permit – as you would have had to have submitted it again if you were reapplying.


The Norwegian police will process your application and will decide whether to grant you permanent residency or not. If they have any doubts whether you qualify or not, they






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