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Bringing your pet to Norway?



Norway is a member of the Pet Travel Scheme, which allows dogs, cats and ferrets from any of the countries covered by the PTS to enter Norway without quarantine, provided they meet certain customs requirements. The most important thing to know when taking your pet to Norway is that three types of pet regulations exist, depending on whether you enter Norway from Sweden, from an EU country, or from a non-EU country.

If you want to bring small rodents, caged birds and rabbits, you will need an import permit from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Snakes are illegal to own as pets in Norway. If you decide to bring your pet, you’ll have to visit your vet before you travel in order to obtain a veterinary certificate or EU pet passport (Pet Travel Scheme Certificate), showing your pet has received the required treatments listed below:


- A microchip

- Rabies vaccination

- Deworming of tapeworm (1-10 days before travelling and again within 7 days of arrival)

- An antibody blood test

Getting through the vaccination process and vet forms can take three or four months; so if you want to take your pet to Norway, plan early. Tattooed dogs and cats don't qualify since 2011, and will need microchips.





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