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Recognition of vocational education



If you have a journeyman`s certificate or a vocational education at secondary school level from a foreign country, it can be useful to validate your skills. In many professions you don’t need formal recognition in order to work, although some employers ask for this.


It can also be an advantage with an evaluation of your vocational skills if you have worked many years, but do not have a certificate or other documentation of your skills.


Recognition of vocational training in upper secondary school


In Norway, vocational education and training leads to a journeyman’s certificate. If you have a vocational training from another country that has lead to a journeyman’s certificate, it is possible to apply for an evaluation of your education and skills. It`s important that you can document your education and work experience well. Contact the vocational training office (fagopplæringskontoret) in your home county. For more information go to


Assessment of non formal skills


It`s possible to apply for an assessment of non formal skills (realkompetansevurdering) if you don't have the necessary documentation for recognition of your vocational background. Also, if you have learnt a vocation through practice and not in school, ‘realkompetansevurdering’ is a chance to prove your actual knowledge and skills within the field. Contact the Adult Education Center in the county where you live. (Voksenopplæringen i fylket)




There are some professions that are regulated by Norwegian law and authorization by the authorities is required in order to practice within the field concerned. For more information go to Invia- Authorization


Do you live in Oslo?


For more information on vocational testing please contact Oslo Voksenopplæring (Oslo Adult Education)






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