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Recognition of non formal skills



The Norwegian term realkompetanse refers to all formal, non-formal and informal learning and skills that adults have acquired through the education system, paid and unpaid work and organizational activities etc. Assessment of non formal skills gives you an opportunity to show your skills where you lack documentation.


The evaluation and assessment of non-formal skills is based on a national system and set of methods, and is valid both for working life, and for upper secondary education and higher education. For further information go to www.vox-validiation.


Secondary school

Assessment of formal skills in secondary school level is correlated to the relevant subject curricula. Documentation of non-formal skills may shorten the duration of formal secondary school training. You can read more about this on


Admission to higher education


Admission to higher education institutions can be based on non-formal credentials (realkompetanse), if documented non-formal learning shows the necessary qualifications for the studies in question. Applicants must be 25 years or older. Exemption from parts of the studies can also be granted on the basis of non-formal learning. Contact the school you wish to attend. For further information about admission and non-formal skills for higher education go to


Do you live in Oslo?


If you need an assessment of your non-formal skills, contact Oslo VO Servicesenter. (There is no application deadline)






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