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Recognition of higher education



If you have higher education from abroad and applying for jobs or studies, it may be advantageous to have a Norwegian evaluation of your education.


Recognition Offices


There are several different agencies that assesses and approves higher education from abroad. You can get information and help to find the correct authentication office at INVIA. which is an information center for the recognition of foreign qualifications. NOKUT, Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, is responsible for INVIA.


Authorization - regulated professions


Some occupations require an authorization, which involves an official license before practice the profession in Norway. Applications for authorization must be submitted to special approval offices. Overview of the professions that are regulated, and different regulatory offices is available at the INVIA.


In some cases it is necessary to have additional education or additional test before getting final approval. There are special rules for the recognition of regulated professions for EU / EEA citizens


General recognition


If you have higher education from abroad within a field that is not regulated, you can apply for a general approval of your education at NOKUT. Your education will be considered in relation to the Norwegian model, to see whether the education is equivalent such as a bachelor, master or doctorate (PhD).


Spesific recognition


In some cases, you also need a specific recognition of your education. For more information see INVIA-specific recognition.






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