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Recognition of foreign secondary education



College- and University education is based on upper secondary school . You need university admissions certification to be considered for admission to colleges or universities. If you have a foreign secondary education, you must document that your education is equivalent to a Norwegian certificate. You must also document your Norwegian and English language proficiency.


Admission requirements


The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, (Samordna opptak), coordinates the admission to all the universities and university colleges in Norway. Samordna opptak evaluates whether you satisfy the admission requirements. To get admission to colleges and universities you have to fulfill the following requirements:


- Norwegian language requirement

- English language requirement

- Requirements for applicants from some countries may include one or two years of university studies in addition to secondary school. This you can find out from the GSU list.


For further information, see


Assessment of secondary school certification


To find out if your education fulfills the requirements, you can contact Samordna opptak. They can give you an evaluation of your secondary school leaving credentials. You should apply for an evaluation well in advance of the application deadline. This will give you the opportunity to complete extra subjects/courses in case you do not fulfill the requirements. For further information, read about foreign education-assessment (forhåndsvurdering) at Samordna opptak

How do you apply?


You can apply for university and college at Samordna opptak.






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