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Recognition of Foreign Qualifications



A recognition of your educational background means that it is compared to a similar qualification in the Norwegian educational system. The process of application and recognition can take some time, and you are advised to start the process as early as possible




When applying for recognition of your qualifications, you need to submit the following documents:


- certified copies of your educational documents, such as certifiates, diplomas, transcript of records or mark sheets

- official translation of your educational documents, into Norwegian or English

- proof of name change if your present name and the name on your documents are different


You should also supply:


- certified copies of passport or residence permit

- certificate of work experience or reference from previous employers - this is important if you have vocational/professional training and experience from your home country




The copies you enclose with your application must be certified, which means that they must be stamped and signed by a civil servant. You can have your copies certified at a school, employment agency, or by the police or a lawyer. Remember to bring your original documents.




Translations must be "official" - it means that the one doing the job must be an authorised or state authorised translator. The translated document must be stamped and signed by the translator or the translation bureau.


The City of Oslo runs an authorised Translation and Interpretation Service. Documents that you need translated can be delivered directly to the office of Tolketjenesten.


Tolkeportalen - interpreters


Tolkeportalen is a national searchable register of interpreters. You can search for interpreters, country, and/or language. The interpreters are listed with the type of authorisation they have. Look them up on






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