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Transferring money to and from Norw



There are various ways to transfer money to and from Norway. You can entrust a transfer agency, use a bank or transfer your money online.


Online banking is undoubtedly the most common channel that both Norwegians and expatriates use to make payments and transfer money. Most banks offer online banking services which allow you to transfer money and pay bills at very low (or no) fees.


Bank giros


Bank giros are also quite common in Norway. The word 'Giro' is the acronym for General Interbank Recurring Order. Put simply, a giro is a payment system or a money transfer which works as a credit transfer. Unlike cheques, giros are handed by the payer to the bank and not to the payee. The money is then transferred from the payer's account to the payee's account automatically. It is recommended to use giros when dealing with substantial amounts of money.


Bankgiro is a Norwegian system used by all banks which allows all sorts of transfers between Norwegian banks. Bankgiro operates mostly online but it is also available as a postal and telephone service.


Transferring money without a bank account


If you do not have a bank account, you might choose to use a transfer agency. Transfer agencies accept cash payments in a kiosk anywhere in the world, and will send the money to a recipient in any destination to be collected. However, if you decide to transfer money with a money transfer agency such as Western Union or MoneyGram, be prepared to pay a hefty fee.






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