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How high is the cost of living in Norway?



Norway has been declared one of the world's most expensive countries. For example, the cost of living is about 30% higher in Norway than in the United States and 25% higher than the United Kingdom.


The quality of life in Norway is directly proportional to the cost of living. The price of housing, transportation, restaurants and groceries are far from economical, and alcohol and tobacco prices are also particularly steep.


You might be wondering how Norwegians make their money last until they receive their next pay check, however there is always the other side of the coin. Even if the price of basic goods seems unreasonable, you should take into account the things that people do not have to pay for in Norway. In general, Norwegian citizens do not need to spend their money on private schooling, health insurance or pension funds, so they can afford to spend their money on other things.


Students in Norway


If you are a student in Norway, you may initially be shocked by the high cost of living in the country. However this is normal, and it will just take some time for you to adjust to the Norwegian lifestyle.


Generally speaking, you will need a minimum of NOK 9,000 per month, just to cover your basic needs. At the beginning of your stay in Norway, you should be ready to spend some extra money on your accommodation and new clothes - shorts and flip-flops do not agree with the Norwegian climate!







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