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How to open a bank account in Norway



In order to open a bank account in Norway, you will need to provide your Norwegian National Identification Number.


If you plan to stay in Norway for more than six months you can obtain this number by registering with the National Register. It consists of 11 digits: your date of birth plus a personal code.


National identification numbers are issued at the local tax assessment office, Likningskontor. It isn't possible to register with the office unless you are entitled to stay and/or work in Norway.


If you are a student you can apply for a D-Number, which will allow you to open a Norwegian bank account. You can apply for this number either when you arrive in Norway or beforehand, in your home country.


Once you have decided which bank is best suited to you, and you have your identification number, you can open your account in a branch. You must bring your passport and a passport photo with you. Some banks may also ask you to provide a letter of recommendation from your bank in your home country. Most banks will you give you your debit/credit cards on the same day you open your account, and your PIN number will arrive by post.


Bank deposit insurance


Like in many other countries, most banks in Norway offer bank deposit insurance. This aims to protect clients in case the bank fails to pay its debts. In Norway, the deposit insurance covers up to a maximum of 2 million NOK.







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