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Internet access



Most of the internet cafes are located in the eastern part of town or Grønland. Look for small shops selling telephone cards - they usually have internet terminals. If you carry your own laptop, WLANs will be easy to find at cafes, hotels, bars and even in parks. For a good overview of free WLAN sites look here: (in norwegian). There are several open wifi connections on the upper level cafes at the train station Oslo Sentralstation and the subway station at Grønland.


Some of many places


- Deichmanske Bibliotek (Library). Free wifi and 30 minutes of free use of computer terminals at all locations.


- Unginfo, Møllergata. Free use of computer terminal for 30 minutes for people 26 and under, although age is rarely checked.


- Arctic Internet, Inside the train station Oslo S On the third floor (one level up in the main hall). The most complete Internet cafe - business center with full spectra of services and personnel onsite.


- Oslo S Train Station. On the first and second floor, there are several automated stand alone computers setup for basic internet surfing, as well as an Internet cafe in the bus terminal next to the central station.


- 7-11. Many 7-eleven shops have terminals you can use for a small fee, although this is not a very convenient way to surf if you need to use the computer for a long time.


- Oslo City Shopping Center. Internet kiosks.


- Burger King. Most outlets have free wifi with purchase.



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