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Upper secondary education for adults



In Norway, pre-university studies at upper secondary level, or its equivalent, are required for admission to university and university college (høyskole). Adults who do not have this, can apply for upper secondary school for adults.


Who has a right to upper secondary education?


Adults, 25 years (i.e. reaches 25 in the year they apply for school) or more, who have completed lower secondary school (grunnskole) or its equivalent, but not completed upper secondary school, have a statutory right.

Persons without a right may apply, and can get a place if there are vacancies.


General admission requirements / Generell studiekompetanse


Adults who are 23 years or more, and who can document 5 years full-time work and/or education after lower secondary school level, can meet the general requirements for admission to university by passing upper secondary exams in the following subjects:





Natural sciences


Social science


This is called “the 23/5 – rule”.


In-depth-studies in specified upper secondary subjects


For admission to some university and university college studies, in-depth-studies are required. Examples: engineering, medical, pharmaceutical and veterinarian studies.


General admission for students with a vocational qualification


Students with a vocational qualification can qualify for university /university college admission if they complete special pre-university programs. See


How to apply for upper secondary education for adults?


Contact the adult education authorities in your county.


Do you live in Oslo?


Oslo Adult Education (Oslo VO) offers upper secondary programs in the above mentioned six subjects. Oslo VO also offers in-depth programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.


See for more information about the programs, application deadlines and application forms. See also


Application is through Oslo Adult Education Servicesenter (Oslo VO Servicesenter), where applicants also may talk to a councellor.


Students with a vocational qualification who want to qualify for university /university college admission through pre-university programs can find more information at





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