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Upper secondary education for adults - vocational



For most jobs in Norway, education above 10 years of compulsory school is required. To work as an electrician or health worker, for instance, you need a complete vocational education from upper secondary school.


Who can apply?


Persons who have not completed upper secondary school, and who are 25 years or older have a statutory right to upper secondary education for adults. The applicant must have completed Norwegian lower secondary school (Grunnskole) or nine year basic education from another country.

Applicants without a statutory right may be offered a place if there are vacancies. The tuition is free.


Vocational education


In most vocational programs the vocational qualification can be achieved after completing two years in school and two years as an apprentice. In these programs the student is responsible for signing an apprenticeship contract with an approved training establishment. The aim is a vocational qualification; a trade certificate (fagbrev).


Some vocational programs, for instance the pharmacy technician, medical secretary and dental health secretary programs are completed after three years in school.


In upper secondary school there are 9 vocational programs that lead to different types of vocational qualifications.


How to apply for upper secondary education for adults?


Contact the adult education authorities in your county.


Do you live in Oslo?


In Oslo, vocational education is a part of Oslo Adult Education (Oslo VO) See for more information about the programs, application deadlines and application forms. See also


Application is through Oslo Adult Education Servicesenter (Oslo VO Servicesenter), where applicants also may talk to a counselor.






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