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Primary school (Barneskole, grades 1-7, age 6-13)



Parents are responsible for sending their children to compulsory school. Children are enrolled in school from they are 6 years. If you have children who should start compulsory school at any level, contact the primary / lower secondary school where you live, or the local education authorities.


In the first year of primary school, the students are mostly playing educational games, learning social structures, learning the alphabet, basic addition and subtraction, and basic English skills. In grades 2 through 7 (years 3–8 or P3/4-S2/3), they are introduced to maths, English, Norwegian, science, religion, aesthetics and gymnastics, complemented by geography, history, and social studies in the fifth grade (year 6 or P6/7). No official grades are given at this level, however, the teacher often writes a comment – analysis and sometimes an unofficial grade on tests. Tests are to be taken home and shown to parents. They also have an introductory test to let teacher know if the student is above the grade average or is in need of some assistance at school.



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