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Primary and lower secondary school for adults



Grunnskole for voksne consists of primary and lower secondary school. This corresponds to 10 years of compulsory school. The aim is to achieve a Certificate of lower secondary education for adults (Grunnskolevitnemål for voksne). The required subjects are: Norwegian, English, mathematics, natural sciences and social science.


Who can apply for grunnskole for voksne?


If you have not completed Norwegian lower secondary school, or do not have a similar 9 year education from another country, you can apply for grunnskole. To apply, you must be 19 years or more and have a Norwegian personal number (social security no.).


You apply to the adult education centre in the municipality you live. To apply for Grunnskole for voksne in Oslo, you must have a registered address in Oslo.


Basis (primary school for adults)


Basis are courses for adult immigrants with little or no formal educational background, who need basic skills in Norwegian, mathematics, social science, natural sciences and computer skills. Basis is a combination of Norwegian language training and primary school subjects (grade 1 – 7). The highest level in Basis also qualifies for lower secondary school.


Basis courses are offered at all language training centers in Oslo Adult Education and in several other municipalities.


Lower secondary school for adults


The aim of lower secondary school courses is to obtain a Certificate of lower secondary education. The certificate enables you to apply for upper secondary education for adults. Lower secondary school lasts from one to three years, depending on your background.


Do you live in Oslo?


Oslo Adult Education offers daytime courses in all 5 subjects. In the evening, there are 3 subjects, Norwegian, mathematics and English. You can apply for all, or for some of the subjects.


More information and application form at Oslo Adult Education Service Centre / Oslo Voksenopplæring Servicesenter and at






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