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When renting accommodation in Norway, you will probably be asked to pay a deposit at the beginning of the rental period. This will be kept by the landlord as a warranty against any damage to the property or failure to pay rent. The deposit should be a maximum of six months’ rent and should be kept in a designated Norwegian bank account. As a tenant, you have the right to request to receive the interest earned on the deposit.


Before you move in, you may also be requested to sign a document which states the conditions of the property.


Make sure you understand all the conditions within the rental contract before signing it. If you are renting a furnished property, ask for a complete inventory of the items contained within the property and check they correspond to avoid future problems.


The tenant's husband/wife, direct relatives and natural or foster children have the right to live in the rented property but the tenant cannot transfer his rights and obligations to a third person without the landlord's consent.


Any changes (maintenance, decoration etc.) to the property need to be approved by the landlord before being carried out, and when the contract expires, the property must be found to be in the same condition it was first leased in.


Termination of a rental contract


If you wish to terminate your rental contract before it expires, you have to give written notice and list your reasons.


In the case of eviction, a public body (Namsmannen) will intervene. The tenant is first warned, then asked to leave the accommodation, and then evicted. One of the most common causes of eviction is non-payment of rent.


For more info about the Tenancy Act and the Tenancy Agreement visit the website of the Norwegian government . It is also possible to find downloadable English versions of tenancy agreements online.







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