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Finding a nice place to live in Norway can be difficult. Getting good accommodation at the right price can be hard, especially in large cities.


Between 2004 and 2007, housing prices in Norway literally exploded. Since 2008 they have continued to rise but at a slower pace. Rental prices also vary depending on the region or city you live in: in Oslo and its surrounding area, for example, the property market has experienced quite a steady growth, primarily due the industrial development in the city.


What type of accommodation is available?


Given the natural and cultural traditions that distinguish the different Norwegian regions, the architectural landscape changes from area to area. Houses in the western parts of Norway developed differently from those at Røros, and houses by the coast at Jæren are different from those in Finnmark.


From an urban point of view, the east is characterized by many houses built on hillsides and organized around square yards. Houses in the south tend to be aligned along the coastline, where they have an unpretentious style and are surrounded by farms.


However, with the industrialization of Norway, local characteristics gradually disappeared and traditional buildings were replaced by more standardized houses without any specific or regional characteristics. Today within the cities, most Norwegians live in apartments or semi-detached houses.


As previously stated, property prices (especially in large cities) are high, and the average rental price for a relatively small house is above 1000 Euro.







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